SilverLine project: V Muraleedharan visits rural Thiruvananthapuram for inspection

Thiruvananthapuram: Union Minister for States V Muraleedharan on Tuesday visited the areas in Chirayinkeezhu (rural Thiruvanthapuram) that are anticipated to be affected by the passing of the SilverLine project.

If the projected SilverLine passes through Chirayinkeezhu, locals are concerned about becoming homeless as a result of losing their land. Muraleedharan said during his visit to the proposed SilverLine region, "Everyone in the neighbourhood is terrified for their homes, which are being trespassed on and silver line stones are being set without their permission. As a result, it is prohibited." 

He stated that the government has no right to infringe on anyone's private property, especially without warning.  "By failing to follow established legal procedures, the government is doing something illegal that cannot be justified," he added. "As a result, they are doing it without warning and making promises that cannot be kept."

Muraleedharan lambasted the Kerala government over the SilverLine rail project earlier on Saturday, saying the state administration is lying and misleading people about the Centre's clearance for the project. The 529-kilometer SilverLine railway will run from Thiruvananthapuram in the south to Kasaragod in the north, passing through 11 districts and 11 stops. The voyage between the two stations should take four hours, less than the current 12 hours.

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