Singapore hopes to launch electric air taxis by 2024

Within next two years, Volocopter plans to launch electric air taxis in Singapore, and it is presently in talks to offer flights to nearby places such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

According to a Bloomberg storey, Christian Bauer, the company's chief commercial officer, plans to operate a fleet of 10 to 20 air taxis around the major tourist sites of Marina Bay and Sentosa.  Volocopter plans to establish repair operations in Singapore as part of its Asian growth strategy. In addition, it is conducting a feasibility study to see if the electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft can be manufactured in Asia, including the city-state.

Although the company is currently seeking certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency in order to operate air taxis in Europe and Singapore, it has already begun selling tickets for 15-minute pleasure trips. Volocopter is one of Singapore's first eVTOL partners, according to Bauer. "On manufacturing, we're evaluating it and giving ourselves a year to determine if we should go through with it or if there are other options," he said.

To expedite its expansion in Asia, the corporation intends to raise its staff in Singapore from 10 to 500 by 2030. It also plans to begin offering parcel delivery services using its drones in Chengdu, China, early next year, in conjunction with Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. According to Bauer, the company is also collaborating with government agencies and professionals in South Korea and Japan to provide flying taxi services.

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