Kaliyug: Brother did this with sister just for Rs 2k
Kaliyug: Brother did this with sister just for Rs 2k

Sometimes when we need money, we first go to ask for it from our close friend or brother or sister, although in the meantime something happens that is surprising to see. Yes, many times the close ones do not understand whether the money given in the loan will be returned or not. At the same time, some people take the money and definitely say that I'll give it definitely, I will return it after a few days, but it does not happen. Yes, and after taking money in credit, people also disappear. This is the reason that often you must have seen it written on the shops that the credit is closed here. Yes, and only when the things given on the loan are not returned, people lose faith and become alert for the next time.

At present, something similar was also seen in this viral paper. In fact, when a sister asked her brother for only Rs 2000 cash on loan, the brother did what you can't even imagine. In the picture that went viral on social media, it can be seen that a sister asked her brother for Rs 2000 on loan, although her brother turned out to be very clever. Yes, and before giving money to her sister, he got it written on stamp paper as proof that he gave a loan of Rs 2000 and she will return it by the limited date. At the same time, for this, he not only got her signed but also got her thumb established on it. After seeing the viral picture, your senses will also fly away. You can see in the picture that first of all the stamp paper is written in blue colour.

At the same time, it was written, 'Miss Aiman ​​received 2000 rupees from Mr Qasim on July 18, 2022, at 8.30 pm. Now she will return Rs 2000 to Mr Qasim on August 15, 2022.' Yes and after this, the signature of both the Receiver and the Donor has been put down and then the thumb has been put. NEWSTRACK does not confirm this viral paper, although people are making it increasingly viral.

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