15-year-old boy falls in love with the teacher and then..."
15-year-old boy falls in love with the teacher and then...

Tales of a strange love story remain in the news on social media. The story begins when a 15-year-old boy gave his heart to his own married teacher. Not only this, but he also gives expensive jewellery as a gift to get the teacher and the female teacher also accepts it. But when their relationship breaks down, the boy loses his temper and starts accusing the teacher in many ways.

When the matter reached the court, the trial was conducted on the teacher and the arguments of all the parties were also heard. The boy had accused the teacher of sexual harassment. Their love story started in 2019. The boy in the court said that I wanted to be with her. He further said that I used to harass her also and I should not have done this. 

According to a report received, the teacher accused the boy of having a relationship and sending personal photos. The teacher said that seeing the boy unhappy in class, she advised him to attend a mindfulness session. Later the young man talked to me to share some secrets and expressed his love. The teacher further said that the boy was thinking of suicide, so I had to talk to him even without wanting to. The teacher says that the boy used to touch her private parts. The teacher told that because of the fear of the boy, she also wore the jewellery given to her. Not only this, the boy used to send his nude picture to the teacher. To get rid of the boy, the teacher had also lied to him to shift to America. However, the court acquitted the teacher of all charges. Hearing this decision, tears started flowing from the eyes of the teacher. 

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