S.Korea disputes N.Korea's claim of hypersonic missile test
S.Korea disputes N.Korea's claim of hypersonic missile test

South Korea on Friday dismissed North Korea's assertion that it had recently fired a hypersonic missile as a hoax, claiming it was merely a conventional ballistic missile that could be intercepted.

North Korea will undoubtedly be offended by the judgment. South Korea has typically avoided publicly criticising North Korea's nuclear tests, ostensibly to avoid escalating tensions. The Defense Ministry of South Korea believes North Korea lacks the technological capabilities to launch a hypersonic missile.

It added in a report that the missile North Korea fired on Wednesday was a type of ballistic missile that was showcased in Pyongyang, the country's capital, during a military exhibition in October. According to the report, it might be shot down by South Korean and American forces.

North Korea's assertion that the weapon travelled 700 kilometres (435 miles) and manoeuvred laterally appeared to be exaggerated, according to the ministry. Officials from the Ministry of Defense said the allegation was most likely made to bolster public trust in the country's missile programme.

In the midst of pandemic-related challenges, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called for stronger unification and improved military development. While retaining strong anti-virus controls, he has refused to return to disarmament discussions with Washington and Seoul.

The launch on Wednesday marked North Korea's second hypersonic missile test. The missile made a 120-kilometer (75-mile) lateral movement before hitting a target 700 kilometres away, according to the country's state media, and the test proved the weapon's flight control and stability.

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