Snow leopard snapped at an altitude of 12000 feet
Snow leopard snapped at an altitude of 12000 feet

Wild animals are extremely rare. Several methods are also used to protect them. Like lions and tigers, leopards are very rare and is not easily visible to anyone. However, the Indo-Tibetan Police Border has captured the snow leopard in a video near Naga in the Nelang Valley at an altitude of 12,000 feet. This is very rare when such animals appear.

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The park's camera trap also features male snow leopards, female snow leopards and cubs. Wildlife lovers are happy with the increasing presence of snow leopards in the park. The rare snow leopard, which is not easily visible on the Naga sector of the Indo-Tibetan border of the Gangotri National Park, is seen crossing the border road in its fun. The leopard is climbing on the steep cliff of the mountain. Such scenes are rarely seen.

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While the adventurer is also enthused by the presence of snow leopards, there is also concern that such rare wildlife is worrying about human habitation. The Gangotri National Park has wildlife such as snow leopard, argali sheep, bharal, brown bear, sero, red fox, musk deer, Himalayan thar, etc. Many birds, including the Himalayan Monal, Pahari Rajalal, The Himalayan Vulture, the Himalayan Kukkat, the Himalayan Titar, migrate here. Similarly, on the hill of Kedarnath, a tiger was spotted a few days ago, which the wild protectors were very happy with.

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