Virat Kohli mimicked on social media, users said- Retire now...

On Monday, Kohli took to the field for the first time after announcing that he would quit the captaincy of the Indian T20 cricket team and his IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore, meaning RCB. Kolkata Knight Riders mean as soon as he decided to bat after winning the toss against KKR, his fans said – today a new avatar of tension-free Kohli will be seen. But he fell on the fourth ball. Thereafter, Kohli's jokes started on Twitter. Here we are showing 10 selected tweets from trollers-

Someone shared a photo of KBC and said that not just Hamin, Amitabh Bachchan is also making fun of Kohli's team. Because he has also written the name of 4 options RCB of the highest IPL winner team. In fact, the team has not won the IPL to date. The same Kohli gives career advice to a young child in an ad. One person took a picture of the same ad and wrote that he should see his career first.

The same man shared a photo of Akshay Kumar holding his hand and writing that this is the condition of all the player fans after Kohli failed. He is holding his hands to avoid trolling Kohli. When Kohli failed, a man said, "Tauba-Tauba, Sara mood Kharab Kar Diya.''

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