Netizens slam BCCI for making Halal meat compulsory for Indian cricket team

New Delhi: Kanpur will host the first Test match between India and New Zealand in the Test series. The team's menu for the match, which starts on November 25, was just revealed. Beef will not be provided to Kanpur players; instead, halal meat will be served. The issue on BCCI has created a storm on social media, with users enraged.

People have been accused of marketing halal meat on BCCI, and the hashtag #BCCI Promotes Halal has been trending on social media since Tuesday morning. Some BJP spokespersons have also weighed in on the topic, criticising the BCCI. In a tweet, BJP spokesman Gaurav Goel stated that the BCCI should not promote Halal. In another tweet, he stated that the BCCI should remember that it is based in India, not Pakistan.


The first Test between India and New Zealand has arrived in Kanpur. Even before the test began, details about the meal menu surfaced. This meal keeps pork and beef separate. Non-vegetarian recipes will include halal meat. Some Twitter users argued that because halal meat is only required for Muslims, it should not be made mandatory for all Indian players. Some Twitter users believe the BCCI is putting the country in danger by making this decision.

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