Social Worker Hiren Khimaniya is working tirelessly for the welfare of people

Always give more to the world than you take from it, said Mrs. Radhaben Khimaniya to her little boy. Little did she know that he’d make it his life and work mantra and grow up to be social worker Hiren Khimaniya. It is easy to complain about the condition of your area, city, state, or country but how many of us take the task on us and start working at the grass-root level to improve the conditions? Hiren was born and raised in Rajkot. His love for the city is greatly reflected in the work he has been doing since a very young age.

Hiren is now a corporater for ward no.1 in Rajkot. He also works as the chairman of Rajkot Municipal corporation.

Hiren has been instrumental in multiple tasks in Rajkot. These include the provision of sanitizers for sweepers and other employees responsible for cleaning. He has also helped the bags from Prime Minister’s Garib Kalyan food scheme to reach their rightful recipients. Hiren loathes corruption and works tirelessly to ensure that only the rightful and deserving beneficiaries receive the benefits of government schemes. He has helped distribute ration kits and food packets umpteen times.

As the chairman of Drainage Samiti of RMC, Hiren has helped to ensure proper sanitation in the area. Hiren’s team is ensuring proper training for the employees to effectively use the drainage cleaning systems. This will make sure that humans do not have to step in to clean the sewage gutters. This is a great step in eradicating manual scavenging and facilitating better health for workers as well as other residents.

Hiren didn’t step back from serving the people even during the pandemic. Right from ensuring meals for daily wage workers to providing masks, he ensured good health for all. Hiren believes that if even in a minuscule way he touches lives, their blessings will be enough for him to lead a comfortable life.

This is not all. Hiren has a great inclination towards education. He is the social work Trustee for PD Malaviya college and Trustee for innovative international schools. He is a strong advocate of the ‘right to education ’ and can often be seen counseling people from the lower-income group to send their children to school. He is also the vice president of Ahir Boarding Rajkot, that is a boys hostel in Rajkot. Ahir Boarding offers decent quality accommodation to students at a very low price. This ensures that they continue their education without worrying about the costs of accommodation. Additionally, Hiren is the vice president of Rajkot goods transport association.

At just 31 years of age, Hiren is loved immensely by the people of his constituency for the work he has done to improve the living conditions of the area. Hiren’s friends and family motivated him to study and get a job but he always wanted to get into public service. He admits that the only thing that gives him satisfaction is seeing the smiles on the faces of people once their problems are resolved.

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