Solar eclipse on 4th December

The rules of the sutra period are considered to be the most important in solar eclipse or any eclipse. According to astrology, the sutra period takes place 12 hours before the eclipse. Let us also tell you that this time the last solar eclipse of the year will start at 10.59 am on 4th December, and it will end at 03.07 noon. It is said that the solar eclipse will be partial or sub-eclipse. In that case, today we are going to tell you the rules of the Sutka period and at the same time the work not to be done in the solar eclipse.

Rules of Yarn: On this day, water is filtered and consumed only by adding tulsi leaves to it. It is said that pregnant women are not allowed to leave the house on this day carefully. At the same time, after the solar eclipse on this day, water purification is done all over the house. It is said that food is prepared and eaten only after the eclipse and tulsi leaves are definitely added to the food. It is said that the statue is also purified in the temple on this day. The eclipse is not seen with open eyes.

These things are not done:
1. Do not eat.
2. Do not go to the temple. Worship and touch are infertile.
3. Do not see the eclipse with open eyes.
4. Pregnant women do not go out.
5. Do not drink water without purifying it.
6. Do not perform all kinds of fire during the eclipse, such as cremation or sacrificial rituals.

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