Sona Mohapatra attacks Kangana, says, 'Worst act of opportunism'

Sep 18 2020 03:52 PM
Sona Mohapatra attacks Kangana, says, 'Worst act of opportunism'

Singer Sona Mohapatra is constantly taking a tough stand against Kangana Ranaut. She is condemning the action of BMC on the one hand, on the other hand, she has also opposed the language of Kangana. She has tried to show Kangana Ranaut a mirror by making several tweets on social media. The way Kangana speaks in his eyes, it cannot be justified under any circumstances.

Sona targeted Kangana: Once again, Sona Mohapatra has targeted Kangana. Some time ago, Kangana had called Urmila a 'soft porn' star, now Sona has attacked Kangana based on her same statement. She has accused Kangana of taking advantage of someone's death. She wrote, "Calling others Gold digger, mafia bimbo, Sasti copy, Soft porn star ?!?Playing the messiah of the masses by using a tragic death is the worst act of opportunism. Doesn’t make you the pillar of virtue, justice or the flagbearer of “Hindu Cultural values”. Highlights the worst side."

Now this is not the first time Sona has shown sharp attitude against Kangana. She has also filed a complaint of objection to Kangana's statements earlier. When Kangana had called Rhea a druggie, Sona had also reprimanded Kangana on social media at that time. By the way, looking at the personality like Sona Mohapatra, it is obvious that they react to every dispute. The singer has openly expressed his views on many issues. She speaks so openly that even stars like Salman Khan have been challenged. If we talk about Kangana, she is definitely on target at this time but according to her she never started any fight. In his view, she is not at all a fighter of nature. She is so confident in her claim that she is willing to leave till Twitter if she is proved wrong.

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