"It's not about YOU anymore, Its about them", Kriti Sanon expresses displeasure

Sep 18 2020 03:32 PM

Bollywood was deeply shocked after Sushant Singh Rajput's death. Sushant's co-star Kriti Sanan also mourned the actor's death, calling it a big loss. For the past 3 months, there have been new twists in the case.

Kriti Senon shared the post on Instagram. Kriti wrote "They fight for you, then they fight each other, a no-stop upheaval, and now it's no longer about you it's about them now. Maybe that's what it was always." Kriti took a jibe at those people who were earlier supporting Sushant and were seeking justice for Sushant, they are now fighting for their own pride and image.

Ten days ago, Kriti Sanan shared a similar post. She wrote, " #MyMantra Just... P.S. : This is not a “cryptic” post! It isn’t For or Against anyone! Sometimes things are just that simple. Sometimes there is actually NOTHING between the lines! I write because I like penning my thoughts or poetic ideas. What You interpret actually depends on YOU, and not ME. Sharing his post, he wrote: "You can never keep everyone happy. So don't even try. As long as you know your truth. As long as your heart is in Sync with your Conscience... As long as you still like the person you wake up as. And you understand the one you see in the mirror. You'll find your peace in any storm".

On Thursday, some handwritten notes of Sushant were also found, including Kriti's name. Sushant wrote in these notes that he wanted to spend more time with Kriti. Kriti and Sushant had worked together in the film Raabta. There was also a discussion of the affair between the two. However, the two actors have never accepted this publically.

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