Sonam did not want to become an actress, once weighed 90 kg, know special things about Anil Kapoor's darling
Sonam did not want to become an actress, once weighed 90 kg, know special things about Anil Kapoor's darling

Sonam Kapoor, the renowned Bollywood actress, is about to turn 39 years old. She was born on June 9, 1985, in Chembur, Mumbai. On June 9, Sonam will celebrate her 39th birthday. She is also known as the 'Fashionista' of Bollywood. However, Sonam has been away from films for quite some time.

Resisting Acting Career

Sonam Kapoor's association with the film industry has been longstanding, coming from a family deeply rooted in Bollywood. Her father, Anil Kapoor, is a Bollywood superstar, and her entire family is connected to the film world. However, despite this background, Sonam initially did not aspire to become an actress. There was a particular reason behind this decision. It's noteworthy that prior to entering Bollywood, Sonam struggled with weight issues, reportedly weighing up to 90 kilograms.

Assistant to Bhansali Before Acting Debut

Before making her acting debut in Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali in the 2005 film 'Black'. She worked as an assistant director on the project. It was Bhansali who encouraged Sonam to pursue a career in Bollywood. Initially hesitant due to her weight, Sonam agreed to become an actress at Bhansali's insistence.

Bollywood Debut in 2007

Sonam Kapoor's cinematic journey as an actress began with the 2007 film 'Saawariya'. She starred alongside actor Ranbir Kapoor in this movie, which marked both their debuts. Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed the film. However, despite the high-profile launch, the movie failed to impress at the box office. Despite this setback, Sonam continued to work in several films, but even after appearing in numerous movies, she struggled to establish herself as a prominent figure in the industry.

Early Trauma and Advocacy

Sonam Kapoor has been vocal about a traumatic incident from her past. She discussed it on Rajeev Masand's show, revealing, "Everyone experiences sexual abuse at some point in their childhood. I know I was molested as a child and it was traumatic for me. I didn't tell anyone about it for about two to three years." She further recounted, "It happened at Mumbai's Gaiety Galaxy theater where I had gone to watch a movie with my friends. Everyone had gone outside to buy some snacks when a man came from behind and touched my breasts. Obviously, I was young then, so I didn't have a figure. But when this happened to me, I started trembling. I didn't understand what was happening, and I started crying right there. But I didn't talk to anyone about it. I went back inside and watched the entire movie because at that time, I felt like I was the one who had done something wrong." Sonam's willingness to speak about her experiences reflects her advocacy for survivors of sexual abuse.

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