South Theaters To Shutdown From Monday?

Another wave of COVID-19 is on its way to wreak havoc on the theatre industry. With no fresh releases, 50% occupancy, and a night curfew in Andhra Pradesh, cinemas are without food and are forced to close on Monday.

While the theatre industry across the country shuts much earlier, the Sankranthi season causes a delay in AP and Telangana. With his ties in the AP CMO, Nagarjuna was able to ensure that the cinemas were open for Sankranthi.

Bangarraju's pace had slowed considerably during the second weekend. As a result, theatre owners believe that operating the theatres is untenable. Some theatres are even unable to cover their daily operating costs. The public is also not in the mood to go to the movies if there are no noteworthy flicks. The theatre owners' situation in AP is made worse by the excessively high ticket prices.

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