UAPA Bill: SP’s Mulayam Singh votes against his own party
UAPA Bill: SP’s Mulayam Singh votes against his own party

New Delhi: In the Lok Sabha, the SP was shattered on the Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment Bill (UAPA). Akhilesh Yadav was not present in the House during the bifurcation of the bill and other MPs boycotted the bill. While Mulayam Singh Yadav voted in favor of the bill, he supported the government. During the voting on the amendment, Mulayam stood in favor of the bill three times. Meanwhile, BJP MPs Birendra Singh Mast and Brijbhushan Sharan Singh helped Mulayam get up.

The UAPA amendment bill, which was tabled on Wednesday, was strongly opposed by the opposition. After the discussion, the opposition decided to boycott the bill. Akhilesh did not appear in the House during the meeting. Two MPs roared the walkout with the opposition. However, the unwell-running soft opposition sat in the front seat. Meanwhile, the seats next to Mulayam were vacated due to the opposition boycott. During the bill and voting, these seats were on the left side of Mulayam and Brijbhushan sat on the right.

Earlier, when voting began on the bill, Mast and Brij Bhushan helped Mulayam sign the slip in favor of the bill. It was decided to stand up and vote on the amendments made by the Opposition. Then, as soon as the speaker said that the members opposing the amendment stood up, Mast and Brijbhushan grabbed Mulayam's arm and raised him. It lasted three times.

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