SSC: If you are weak in English, then follow these tips to improve it

Nov 19 2019 04:32 PM
SSC: If you are weak in English, then follow these tips to improve it

Succeeding in this era of competition is not an easy task, no matter the examination. For the moment, here we will talk specifically about SSC exams. To prepare for such exams, students work so hard. In spite of this, fails due to some slight omission. Once you fail, one should not dishearten and should try again. There are many students who despite doing well in other subjects, only fall behind in English. However, in this subject too you have the scope to score well and improve your rank. Here we are going to tell you some special tips for English preparation.

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These are told by the expert of English preparing for competitive exams - First of all, prepare the basic vocabulary of about 3000 words which are used in normal life. Read short English stories to derive meaning and target the vocab and fixed preposition used in it. Making notes is very effective. It is good way to start with grammar chapters such as sub verb agreement, noun, pronoun. Solve at least 700 to 800 questions on prepositions which will make your base strong.

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Practising more than 200 questions on each chapter of Grammar and revision at least three times will be very helpful. Practice one set of reading sections like Passage, Close Test and Parajumbled sentences daily. This will improve the speed and accuracy in these three sections. Practising the questions of previous years is very important and helpful. As soon as half the course is over, you should start solving one page each. Always target the score and try to get more than 80% score. Along with the course, 1-2 mock tests should be given every week. Mock tests are not the right strategy after the completion of the course. This leaves the students behind in the competition

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