Strengthening Bonds: Five Key Instances of Israel's Support for India
Strengthening Bonds: Five Key Instances of Israel's Support for India

The relationship between India and Israel is characterized by unwavering cooperation and mutual support. Throughout the years, this enduring partnership has witnessed several pivotal moments that have cemented their friendship. Beyond the well-known instances previously mentioned, there are other remarkable episodes where Israel offered assistance to India, underscoring their commitment to regional security and the common values they share.

The 1971 War:
Amidst the Indo-Pak War of 1971, Israel played a critical role by providing significant military support to India, despite the absence of official diplomatic relations between the two nations at the time. India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, had initially opposed the formation of Israel, citing concerns about creating a nation based on religion. However, Israel's contributions during the war included the supply of essential arms and ammunition, which played a vital role in India's military efforts and ultimately contributed to the creation of Bangladesh.

Kargil War (1999):
The Kargil War serves as another testament to Israel's unwavering support for India. Israel provided essential military equipment such as aerial drones, ammunition, and laser-guided missiles, which significantly aided India's efforts to reclaim territory from infiltrating Pakistani forces.

26/11 Mumbai Attacks (2008):
In the wake of the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Israel extended its support further. Israeli officials offered to assist India in neutralizing the Pakistani terrorists who had infiltrated vital installations, highlighting the deep friendship shared between the two countries. Israel offered its intelligence support to gather information about the terrorists. Notably, during the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the Jewish place of worship, Chabad House, was also targeted. It is crucial to mention that during this time, some attempts were made to label the attacks as Hindu terrorism, but the capture and confession of terrorist Ajmal Kasab, who revealed he was sent by Pakistan to wage jihad in India, dispelled such notions.

Combating COVID-19 (2020):
During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Israel once again stood by India's side. The nation provided crucial medical assistance, including oxygen concentrators, which underlined Israel's unwavering commitment to India's well-being.

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Proposal:
In a less-known but pivotal chapter of this partnership, Israel reached out to India to prevent Pakistan from becoming a nuclear-armed state. A report disclosed that in 1987, Israel approached India with a proposal to jointly attack Pakistan's nuclear reactor, Kahuta, located outside Islamabad. Israel argued that a nuclear-armed Pakistan would pose a significant threat to India's security. Israel even provided espionage documents and satellite photographs obtained from the United States for this operation. Regrettably, the Indian government, led by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at the time, declined Israel's proposal.

It is essential to note that some of the intelligence shared by Israel with India was leaked to Pakistan, alerting them to the imminent threat. As a result, Pakistan conducted nuclear tests and continued to maintain a nuclear arsenal, posing an ongoing challenge to India's security.

The enduring partnership between India and Israel is marked by numerous instances of unwavering support and cooperation, showcasing the strength of international alliances. From their collaborative efforts during times of war to initiatives addressing global health and security, this relationship transcends political boundaries. While certain opportunities were missed in the past, these episodes reflect the profound bond shared between the two countries, based on shared values and a commitment to regional stability.

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