Students of Govenment student will be made aware of side effects of Junk Food

Feb 27 2020 04:29 PM
Students of Govenment student will be made aware of side effects of Junk Food

In government schools, through the video, students can now be told the ill effects of junk food, while the video is being prepared for this. In this video, children will be given information about the bad effects of junk food. The purpose of taking such initiative is to get rid of the junk food habit from school children. Along with this, the department will share the ill effects of junk food on one side. On the other hand, instructions are also being given to school heads about arranging fruit breaks for children.

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With this, the prevalence of junk food has increased significantly. Apart from this, there are many varieties of junk food. This affects the physical development of the child and has many adverse effects. The administration is now going to take new initiatives to keep the children healthy and healthy. The education department has been asked to produce a video on behalf of the administration. The education department will produce this video through YouTube.

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In last month's meeting, the administration had given instructions to promote fruit break. After this, there will be a fruit break in 131 government schools on the lines of private schools. For your information, let us know that Deputy District Education Officer Hitendra Kumar said that the administration has been asked to prepare the video. The video will be produced on YouTube and sent to all schools.

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