51 sheep died suddenly, stir in the village
51 sheep died suddenly, stir in the village

Durg: An unfortunate incident is coming to light from the Durg district of Chhattisgarh. The sudden death of 51 sheep in a house created a sensation in the area. The case pertains to Thengabhath village of Dhamdha block where 51 sheep lost their lives in one house. After the death of sheep in such a large number, a team of veterinary doctors from the fort reached for investigation, the sheep were buried after post-mortem. When the doctors were asked about the cause of death, they said that nothing can be told now.

Experts say that the sample has been sent to Raipur. It will be known only after the report comes, but people are in panic due to the death of 51 sheep in suspicious conditions. According to the news, Ratan Dhankar, a resident of Thegabhath village, had kept 130 sheep in his house. All the sheep were kept tied up in a thatched hut next to the house. In the morning the family members saw that 51 of these sheep were lying dead. Thereafter, there was a stir in the whole village. There were injury marks on the neck and body of 5-6 sheep, while the other sheep had no injury. Even after this, they were lying dead. 

The same villagers complained about this at the Dhamdha police station, after which the police reached the spot. After this, a team of veterinary doctors was called from Durg. Samples of all the sheep were taken by them and postmortem of some animals was also done. Madan Satkar, a resident of the village, says that as soon as he came to know that the sheep had died at Ratan Dhankar's house, he reached there. The scene there was astonishing. The sheep were buried according to the rules by digging a big pit outside the village with the help of JCB. Talking to other villagers, they told that hyena was also seen in the village. People expressed apprehension that sheep could also die from his bite. 

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