Rudraksha and Cross mentioned in 'hijab' case, heated debate in SC
Rudraksha and Cross mentioned in 'hijab' case, heated debate in SC

Bangalore: The Supreme Court on Wednesday (September 7) heard an application challenging the High Court's decision to ban the wearing of hijab in educational institutions in Karnataka. During this, there was a tremendous debate between the judges and lawyers in the Supreme Court. Justice Hemant Gupta told a lawyer during the hearing of the case that you cannot be irrational in this matter. Is Right To Dress Includes Right To Undress? On this, the lawyer for the Muslim side, Dev Dutt Kamat said that no one is going undressed in the school. To this, Judge Gupta said, "The problem is that people of a particular community are demanding to wear hijab. At the same time, people of other communities are following the dress code. Students from other communities are not saying that we want to wear this and not this.''

During the arguments, advocate Kamat said that many students come to the educational institution wearing crosses and rudraksha. To this, the judge said that Rudraksha and cross are worn within the shirt. No one takes off their shirts and sees whether the student is wearing a Rudraksha or not. Justice Hemant Gupta and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia said 'You can have a religious right and you can treat it according to you. But can you take this recognition to the school, when there is one dress for all the children? The main question is on this point. On the question of religious freedom under Article 25 of the Constitution, the court said that this issue is a bit different. It may or may not be necessary. 

The judge told the lawyers that we want to say whether in a government institution you can insist on following your religious beliefs because the preamble of our constitution tells India to be a secular country. However, at present, the court has not given any decision on this matter and has said to continue its hearing on Thursday. Let us tell you that this dispute started this year from PU College in Udupi district of Karnataka. When 6 Muslim girl students alleged that they were not being allowed to enter the classroom because they were wearing hijab.

The girl students also started a protest against the ban on hijab and then it gradually turned into a statewide movement. Not only this, violence was also seen in this movement and the fundamentalists also killed Harsha and Praveen Nettaru in connection with the hijab case. Both of them had posted a social media protest against wearing hijab only in class. In the protest of the girl students, the principal of the college said that the hijab can be worn on the campus, but it has to be removed before entering the class. After much controversy, the matter reached the High Court, which upheld the decision of the educational institutions and ordered the continuation of the ban on the hijab. But, the people demanding hijab are not ready to accept the order of the High Court, which is why they have filed a petition in the Supreme Court.

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