Myanmar: SC gives major order to Rohingyas to be deported back

Apr 08 2021 04:46 PM
Myanmar: SC gives major order to Rohingyas to be deported back

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday heard a petition filed for the immediate release of Detained Rohingya refugees from Jammu. The apex court said that according to the rules, Rohingya refugees can be deported. The court in its order said that the state government has detained 150 Rohingya refugees in Jammu and they can be sent back to Myanmar as per rules.

In fact, a PIL sought that Rohingya refugees should not be deported back to Myanmar, saying there was a threat to the lives of Rohingyas. But the apex court rejected the petition saying that the central government can send foreign nationals or refugees back to Myanmar in compliance with whatever procedures and rules are in place to deport them back to their country.

That is, Rohingya refugees taken to custody in Jammu will not be released at present. According to the court order, the government can send them back as soon as the paperwork for their return is completed. The order by the country's largest court has paved the way for the rest of the Rohingya refugees to be deported.

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