Surat Airport Declared International Hub New Terminal Boosts Connectivity
Surat Airport Declared International Hub New Terminal Boosts Connectivity

Surat Airport in Gujarat is now officially recognized as an 'International Airport' by the Indian government. The Ministry of Civil Aviation announced this significant development, stating that the designation comes into effect immediately.

This decision comes after the Union Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the elevation of Surat Airport to international status in December. The aim is to boost global connectivity and facilitate smoother import-export operations, particularly benefiting the diamond and textile industries thriving in the region. The move is expected to unleash vast economic opportunities, positioning Surat as a key player in the international aviation arena and fostering regional prosperity.

Recognizing the importance of Surat Airport's international status, the Ministry of Civil Aviation emphasizes its potential to drive economic growth, attract foreign investment, and strengthen diplomatic relations. The anticipated rise in passenger traffic and cargo operations is anticipated to fuel regional development significantly.

In addition to this international recognition, Surat Airport recently inaugurated a new terminal for domestic flights, unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last December. The terminal, constructed at a cost of ₹353 crore, is tailored for domestic operations and boasts modern amenities. With a runway capable of accommodating Code 'C' type aircraft and an aesthetically pleasing design inspired by traditional architecture, the new terminal aims to enhance the overall passenger experience.

Furthermore, the terminal incorporates various sustainability features, including energy-efficient roofing, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plants, and the use of recycled water for landscaping. These eco-friendly measures align with the airport's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Overall, the declaration of Surat Airport as an international hub, coupled with the inauguration of its new domestic terminal, signifies a significant milestone in the region's aviation sector, promising enhanced connectivity and economic growth opportunities.

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