Man threw knife at 'Babita ji', on seeing it, Jethalalbecame Robin Hood

In TV's famous comedy show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Iyer does not even care as much as Jethalal takes care of Babita ji. Because Babita ji is very special for Jethalal, so special that he does not see anything in front of him. But what is this? After all, who dared to point a knife at Babita ji in front of Jethalal. And threatened?

In fact, what happened is that Sunita comes to the society to sell vegetables and all the women reach Sunita to buy vegetables. Komal bhabhi, Roshan bhabhi, Madhavi bhabhi and Babita ji are buying vegetables from Sunita when the talk on the lemon is going on. Now we don't need to tell why the lemon is going on. Lemon prices are too much to tell. These days the prices of lemons are skyrocketing. And Sunita, who is discussing this, takes a knife in her hand while saying something. Then Jethalal comes there.

As soon as Jethalal sees Sunita with a knife in her hand and Babita ji is scared, then he feels that Sunita is going to attack Babita ji with a knife, then just Jethalal becomes a Robin Hood. And jumping, running and coming to save Babita ji. Well, we know that this is not an attack on Babita ji, but Jethalal is unaware of all this and when he comes to know the truth, it is really interesting to see what will happen.

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