Taiwan slams China and WHO over corona crisis

Washington: While the entire world is struggling with an epidemic like the coronavirus, many questions are being raised over the relationship between China and the World Health Organization (WHO). On Thursday, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adnom Ghebreyes accused Taiwan of racism. After this, recently, China accused Taiwan of spewing venom against the WHO.

Let us tell you that Taiwan is an island on which China claims. While Taiwan calls itself an independent nation, it also has its own democratically elected government. However, Taiwan's Ministry of Justice has revealed an online campaign that was launched in the name of Taiwan to apologize to the director-general. Investigation was told that Chinese Internet users are being posted online to apologize to Dr. Ghebreyes on behalf of the Taiwanese government as a Taiwanese. Many messages of this type have started appearing on the Internet. However, users sharing these messages were Chinese.

One message said, "I am so ashamed that we attacked Tedros so maliciously. I am ashamed of Taiwan and apologize for it." Now, these types of posts are tarnishing Taiwan's reputation. Taiwan, a small island that fought fiercely against the corona virus. Where only 382 people were found infected with coronavirus and only 6 deaths occurred. Along with this, Taiwan is also helping other countries.

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