Gehlot government come out of serious political crisis
Gehlot government come out of serious political crisis

Jaipur: Almost a month ago, due to the rebel of Sachin Pilot, the Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan has come out of the serious crisis that surrounded it. The Gehlot government has received the trust vote. The victory is a great relief for the Congress and the Gandhi family. This victory was possible because the Congress leadership managed to convince Pilot to bring him on the path of reconciliation.

Despite the Deputy Chief Minister with the Rajasthan Congress President, Pilot was plagued by his neglect: Pilot started a rebellion with 18 of his MLAs because he was upset with his neglect. He was being ignored after that he was also deputy CM with the Rajasthan Congress President. Since he had a big role in bringing Congress to a majority, and all his supporters were successful in becoming MLAs, it was being said that he would be made the CM, but this could not happen.

With Gehlot becoming the chief minister, a rift began between Gehlot and Pilot: Gehlot, an expert player in politics, attained the post of CM. The reason for this is that he had a good penetration in the Gandhi family. The result of his becoming a CM was that a rift started between him and Pilot. The rift between the two kept growing and even the colloquialism stopped. Pilot was discussing his poor relationship with Gehlot among their acquaintances. It seems that due to his attitude, his penetration among the Congress high command was weakened.

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