Election is fight to safeguard Indian Constitution, Says Rahul Gandhi
Election is fight to safeguard Indian Constitution, Says Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP of wanting to "tear and throw away" the Constitution, emphasizing that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections are a battle to protect it. Speaking at a campaign rally in northeast Delhi's Dilshad Garden in support of party candidate Kanhaiya Kumar, Gandhi alleged that the BJP has consistently aimed to amend the Constitution.

"These people (BJP) have always wanted to tear and throw it (Constitution) away. They never accepted neither the Indian Constitution nor the Indian flag. In this election finally they have accepted that they want to change it," Gandhi charged.

He stressed, "In this election, the fight is for safeguarding the Indian Constitution. It is not simply a book; our Constitution carries thousands of years of ideological heritage of Gandhi, Ambedkar, and Nehru ji."

Gandhi claimed that the BJP has now "accepted" that they want to change the Constitution. However, he warned the BJP that they would face opposition from millions of people if they attempted to change it.

"I want to tell them (BJP) you don't have the dare to do it (change Constitution). You will have to face us and the cores of people of India if you attempt it," Gandhi added.

Earlier, the Election Commission had cautioned the Congress to ensure its star campaigners and candidates refrain from making statements that falsely imply the Constitution may be abolished or sold.

Thursday, May 23  marks the last day of campaigning in Delhi. The city will vote on May 25, and results will be announced on June 4.

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