Taliban forbids women from acting in dramas on television

Afghanistan: According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), women in Afghanistan have been forbidden from acting in television dramas as a result of new laws implemented by the Taliban-led administration. Female journalists and presenters are also required to wear headscarves when on camera, albeit the standards do not specify which sort of covering should be worn. According to the BBC report, several of the regulations are imprecise and open to interpretation by reporters.

Eight new Taliban restrictions have been handed to Afghan television networks in the most recent batch of Taliban directives. They include the prohibition of films that are regarded to be against Sharia, or Islamic law, and Afghan values, as well as images of men showing personal body parts, according to the study. Comedy and entertainment events that are disrespectful to Afghans or insult their faith are also prohibited.

According to the allegation, the Taliban have demanded that foreign films advocating foreign cultural norms not be broadcast. Afghan television stations primarily broadcast foreign dramas with female protagonists. Hujjatullah Mujaddedi, a member of an organisation that represents Afghan journalists, said the announcement of new limitations was unexpected.

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