Flogged, throat slit... Amrullah Saleh's brother brutally killed by Taliban

Kabul: Rohullah Saleh, the elder brother of former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh, was brutally killed by the Taliban. The murder has reportedly been carried out in the Valley of Panjsheer. There is still a conflict with the Taliban. The Taliban have not yet claimed responsibility for Rohullah's murder. Amarullah Saleh is yet to react.

Coming to the relevant reports, Rohullah is said to have been trying to reach Kabul from Panjsheer, but the Taliban came to know about it and reached the spot and were taken captive. Saleh was then severely beaten with whips and electric wires and later slit his throat. Taliban militants then opened fire on a blood-soaked Saleh. It may be recalled that the Taliban had earlier claimed their occupation in Panjsheer.

There was also a picture of them hoisting the Taliban flag at the Panjsheer governor's office. Taliban spokesman Zabeehullah Mujahid had also said that Afghanistan's Panjsheer province has also been completely captured. However, NRF denied such reports and Taliban claims that the fighting was still going on. NRF rejected the Taliban's claim of victory and said its fighters are present on important strategic fronts of the Panjsheer Valley.

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