Taliban's brutal face exposed in Panjsheer, youth shot publicly

Kabul: When the terror group 'Taliban' established its rule over Afghanistan 20 years ago, the brutal face of the Taliban was seen by the whole world. The Taliban have once again seized power in Afghanistan on the strength of guns. Where cases of Taliban brutality are now coming to light again. In the latest case, in Panjsheer, the Taliban grabbed the right people and tied their hands backward, and one of them was publicly roasted with galleys by terrorists and the other was taken with them.

Earlier, the Taliban had also oppressed women. When Afghan women were protesting demanding their rights. According to a report, women were protesting against the Taliban for their rights in the capital Kabul. Some Taliban terrorists beat up and lashed out at the protesting women. In Panjshir Valley, a fierce battle is going on between Northern Alliance and the Taliban. Taliban people have been killed in an ongoing battle.

The Northern Alliance has also suffered a lot in this battle. The Taliban is currently claiming possession of Panjsheer, while the Resistance Front says the presence of a terrorist organization in Panjsheer does not mean the end of the war. The Taliban has formed its own cabinet and is imposing its law on women.

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