TB has been a serious problem in India for years, protect yourself like this
TB has been a serious problem in India for years, protect yourself like this

In India, efforts have been made to control TB for almost 60 years, yet it remains a serious problem. Robert Cocke discovered the TB bacterium on March 24, 1882, which proved to be a milestone in the understanding and treatment of the disease. That's why TB is also called 'cock's disease'. About one crore people suffer from this disease every year in the world, out of which 29 lakhs are from India.

Lung TB is called pulmonary TB and TB of other parts of the body is called extra pulmonary TB. About 80 per cent of patients in India are related to pulmonary TB. There are many reasons for not being able to completely eliminate TB, such as TB bacteria can remain in the body in an inactive state for many years without any symptoms. When favorable conditions arise, he reactivates and causes disease. Social and human factors are also barriers such as malnutrition, HIV, diabetes, early and repeated pregnancies in women, smoking and other intoxication, lack of sanitation, denial of benefits of health services, etc.

How to take care of yourself:

Get treatment from a doctor. During the treatment, regular analysis and monitoring of the patient is necessary. TB patients often stop or irregularly adjust the drugs after seeing the benefit of the initial treatment. This leads to the complex form of TB, MDR TB/XDR TB, which is difficult to treat.

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