Telangana: A corona positive woman hugged her daughter-in-law law and make her infected

Hyderabad: A woman was so upset after she was infected with the corona virus that she committed a strange act. The corona-infected woman hugged her daughter-in-law and turned her positive too. Because the woman was fed up with the fact that no one was meeting her after she was infected and was locked (Isolate) in the room alone. The case has come to light from Somripeta village in Telangana. Where a woman found positive in the corona test was isolated at home.

Family members stopped to visit her room, as other people were also at risk of getting infected. But the woman was so enraged that she forcibly embraced her daughter-in-law and turned her corona positive. The daughter-in-law was thrown out of the house in Somripeta village after her covid was found to be posi6. After which her sister took her to her parents' house in Thimmapur village of Rajanna Sirsila district. According to media reports, the daughter-in-law said her mother-in-law was upset that everyone in the family had distanced herself from her after she was infected with corona.

Daughter-in-law told health officials, "My mother-in-law hugged me saying that you too should be infected with corona." The mother-in-law, fed up with isolation, wanted to make her daughter-in-law positive too. The mother-in-law told the family if you all wanted to be happy after I died. Saying this, he forcibly embraced his daughter-in-law. This also infected the daughter-in-law. She is undergoing treatment right now. She's in isolation to her sister's house.

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