Telangana Chief Minister KCR urges media to stop spreading false info about COVID
Telangana Chief Minister KCR urges media to stop spreading false info about COVID

Accusing the media of creating fear and panic among people by spreading rumours and misinformation about COVID-19, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao said the media should act responsibly and highlight the precautions to be taken rather than sensationalising the health issue.

The Chief Minister, while speaking at a public meeting in Warangal, said that misinformation is being spread about Covid by the media and people can recover by using paracetamol and antibiotic medicine. Giving his own instance, KCR stated that when he had contracted the disease, he recovered just by using paracetamol and antibiotics. He had tested positive for COVID-19 on April 19.

Addressing a public meeting in Warangal on Monday, the Chief Minister said,  Media is trying to spread misinformation and create fear among people. Media should act responsibly and must tell people about how to take precautions rather than just creating and spreading rumours about Covid and sensationalising health of people.

He further said that the media is now saying that children will be affected more due to COVID. He appealed to the media not to spread misinformation about the disease. "Who is giving this information? On what grounds is this information being spread?" he questioned.

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