16 year old boy had neither friendship with girls not any enmity towards girls then why does he attacked with acid
16 year old boy had neither friendship with girls not any enmity towards girls then why does he attacked with acid

New Delhi: Although it is always said that a boy and a girl can either be friends or there can be a love affair between them, but today's case is such that you will be surprised to hear about it. Yes, a boy who hated girls, would start feeling disgusted whenever he saw them. In such a situation, whenever he met a girl in a deserted place, he would attack her. He also made a girl his victim in Burari, Delhi. He threw acid on the girl, due to which she got injured. However, in this case the police have caught the culprit, a 16 year old boy. The police is busy interrogating him.

Police say that the incident took place last Wednesday at 01:00 pm. The boy committed the incident when the girl had gone to bring a child from the school located in Shastri Park Extension area. The victim's family members have lodged a complaint against the criminal at Burari police station. Police said that an FIR has been registered against the accused boy under sections 326 (B) and 341 of the Indian Penal Code.

The victim said - she does not know the boy: According to a police officer, the chemical that was thrown on the girl also got splattered on her eyes, neck and nose. Because of this she got a little burnt. He was feeling itching and burning. The girl was treated by doctors in a government hospital in Burari. After treatment, the doctors sent him home. Three police teams were formed to catch the accused boy. Even the victim did not know who the attacker was. The victim says that she never met the accused boy nor did she ever talk to him.

Police caught the boy: Not only this, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police Manoj Kumar Meena, there was no CCTV camera installed at the place where the accused committed the incident. However, the CCTV camera installed a short distance away from the incident has recorded the boy running away. After this the police identified him and caught him. The criminal has confessed to his crime during interrogation. Initial action revealed that the teenager hated girls. He used to make girls walking on the road his victims. Didn't even know the victim.

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