Islam Conversion Ultimatum: Muslim Individuals Target Lone Dalit Family in Kundakala Village, UP
Islam Conversion Ultimatum: Muslim Individuals Target Lone Dalit Family in Kundakala Village, UP

Lucknow: A Dalit family residing in Kundakala village of Saharanpur district, Uttar Pradesh, is facing intimidation and coercion from influential Muslims in their community. The family, belonging to the Valmiki caste, has reported threats and pressure to either convert to Islam or vacate their land. Sadhuram, the head of the family, has submitted a formal complaint to the Saharanpur police regarding the ongoing harassment.

Sadhuram explained in his complaint that he has been a resident of Dhalawali village since 1967 but had to move to Kundakala village due to a flood in Dhalawali. He alleges that a group of Muslim individuals, including Aslam, Niaz, Ejaz, Sonu, Aamir, Kamil, Salim, and Kala, is threatening him to abandon his land. The threats reportedly include demands for conversion to Islam, with the warning that failure to comply will result in harm to him and his family, as well as the seizure of their property.

Expressing the gravity of the situation, Sadhuram stated, "They threaten us by saying, 'You must convert to Islam along with your family or else we will kill you and your family and take possession of all the land.'" Due to the constant harassment, the rest of Sadhuram's family members have already left home and relocated to different cities. Furthermore, Sadhuram accused the group of illegally occupying not only his family's land but also the land designated for the Panchayat Bhawan in the village.

In an interview with the media, Sadhuram highlighted the religious dynamics in Kundakala village, stating, "We are from Kundakala village. Ours is the only household of the Valmiki community in the village. Everyone else in the village is Muslim. After assaulting me, they are now attempting to grab my home. They demand that we either flee from this place or convert to Islam. We are threatened."

Sadhuram also asserted that these Muslim individuals engage in the forced conversion of Hindus and illegally occupy their land. Additionally, he raised allegations of molestation of women from Hindu families and accused the group of involvement in arms smuggling. Sadhuram urged the police to take swift action against the individuals responsible for the threats and harassment.

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