Police Encounter in Meerut: Inspector Shot in Pursuit of Stolen Car
Police Encounter in Meerut: Inspector Shot in Pursuit of Stolen Car

Lucknow: In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, the morale of criminals remains high as incidents of crime continue to unfold daily. A recent case involved an Inspector who was shot during an encounter with miscreants late on Monday night. The criminals had stolen a car from outside a pavilion and were fleeing, with the police in pursuit. After the incident, the accused managed to escape from the scene. Due to the serious condition of the injured inspector, he was referred to a higher medical facility. Four teams have been deployed to apprehend the culprits.

The incident occurred in the Kankarkheda police station area. Miscreants stole a vehicle parked outside a pavilion on Jitoli Road, throwing out the sleeping driver. Upon receiving information about the theft, the police chased the miscreants' car, attempting to overtake it. A collision ensued, but the criminals refused to stop. Eventually, the miscreants stopped their vehicle, opened fire on the police, and injured Highway Outpost Incharge Munesh Kumar.

The inspector, shot in the chest, fell down, and his colleagues attended to him. Exploiting the situation, the criminals fled the scene. The injured outpost in-charge was initially taken to a private hospital and later referred to Ghaziabad as his condition worsened. Four teams have been mobilized to apprehend the miscreants, and the inspector successfully underwent surgery to remove the bullet.

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