Ambulance to pick up patient on platform hit by train

Amravati: An incident was avoided in Andhra Pradesh. The ambulance was hit by a speeding train at a station in the Srikakulam district. But the good thing is that nothing happened to anyone in this collision. The incident took place near Palasa railway station in Srikakulam on Saturday. In this incident, the ambulance completely flew the trials.

Where it is learnt that 108 ambulances had gone to pick up the patient on the platform of Palasa railway station in Srikakulam. Where an ambulance was called after the patient suddenly deteriorated on the platform. The incident took place when the Intercity Express from Visakhapatnam to Bhubaneswar had arrived on the platform just then, after which it collided with an ambulance.

Drivers and staff jumped from the ambulance even before the collision: According to information received so far, the ambulance driver and staff had jumped from the ambulance before the train collided with it. The train dragged the ambulance for about 100 metres after being hit by the train. Some eyewitnesses at the scene said the ambulance driver averted the major incident with his vigilance and wisdom. No one suffered serious injuries in the accident.

The ambulance reached the platform to pick up the patient: According to sources, 108 ambulances had come to the platform to pick up a patient brought by Falaknuma Express at Palasa railway station. The driver of the ambulance did not notice that the Intercity Express train was coming from the other side. Meanwhile, the train hit the ambulance and dragged it more than 100 meters away.

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