The audience has the right to compare and give 'gaalis': Shakti Arora

It's no small deal to assume the role of the male lead in a five-year-old television show. After Dheeraj Dhoopar, who became known and well-known under the name Karan Luthra, decided to leave the show in July of this year, Shakti Arora accepted the challenge to take over as the new lead on Kundali Bhagya. Following this, the latter's followers began excluding him from the show with comments on his social media profile. Shakti is able to roll with these interruptions, though.

When asked if he was nervous about taking on the challenge, the actor, who made his television comeback with Kundali Bhagya after a three-year absence, responds, "Comparisons are bound to happen as you are stepping into someone else's shoes. I wasn't nervous at all, though, because I knew the challenge I was taking on. I stopped reading comments because I was ready for the comparisons and instead let my work speak for itself.

I respect everyone's fans, he continues. They have the right to comment, and I appreciate that they support a specific individual. It is an actor's responsibility to win the audience over so that they can compare and give gaalis as well. Furthermore, I've grown to the point where these criticisms or comparisons don't determine my fate. I firmly believe in being sincere in my work. By God's grace, I'm doing the best I can, and it's been successful for me. I'm only focused on my part and trying to play it well. You can establish a connection with the audience as long as you do that. I'm happy that people accept me and that the transition went smoothly.

Talking about bonding with his co-stars, Shakti shares, “It is slowly developing. I feel blessed that all of them have accepted me and have given me a warm welcome on the show.”

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