The bride and groom were dancing when the pandal was blown away by the storm

There are many shocking news coming out these days. Now the news that has come recently is from Shantipuri of Udham Singh Nagar. Here, the wedding party of two brothers came so suddenly due to the storm that many people got injured. Yes, during this the guests enjoying the party were seen running away after saving their lives and there was a lot of panic. Here the injured had to be admitted to the hospital after coming under the grip of the tent pandal that collapsed due to the storm.

Let us tell you that this is not the first incident, but a similar incident happened in Ramnagar and about two dozen people were buried and 8 people were seriously injured due to the breaking of the pandal. Now if we first talk about the incident of Shantipuri, then suddenly the pandal broke due to the storm and five people had to be taken to the hospital in an injured condition. Yes and one of these women is said to have serious neck injuries. In fact, this incident that happened on the night of 12 May surprised everyone.

It is being said that during this the bride and groom were dancing on the floor of the DJ, when the storm created chaos in the party. Yes and this incident happened when the bride's video was being shot during her dance. Meanwhile, the whole pandal collapsed and there was a scream. When people ran here and there, a teenager broke his leg while a woman suffered serious neck injuries. About 2 women and 3 men were injured.

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