The 'case diary' was made to disappear from the court, yet Mukhtar could not escape
The 'case diary' was made to disappear from the court, yet Mukhtar could not escape

Lucknow: BJP MLA Krishnaanand Rai's murder and VHP treasurer Nand Kishore Rungta's abduction and murder case, even though the accused have been acquitted, the Varanasi MP-MLA court has convicted the accused in the case of Avdhesh Rai's murder in Chetganj, Varanasi 31 years ago.

On 3rd August 1991, Congress leader Awadhesh Rai, who was residing in Lohurabir area of Varanasi, was fired upon by unknown assailants with a barrage of bullets. Early morning, Awadhesh Rai and his brother Ajay Rai were standing outside their house in Lohurabir area of Chetganj police station of Varanasi. It was drizzling. Suddenly, a Maruti van arrived and the assailants fired at them suddenly. Injured Awadhesh Rai was taken to a private hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Ajay Rai, the brother of the deceased, filed a complaint against former MLA Abdul Kalam, Inspector Bhim Singh, Sub-Inspector Kamlesh Singh and Rakesh in the Chetganj police station.

In this murder case, the accused were former MLA Abdul Kalam, Bheem Singh, Kamlesh Singh and Rakesh Shrivastav alias Rakesh Nyayik. However, the indication of the arrest and fear of the accused Ansari can be inferred from the fact that the government had made the "case diary" disappear to save him. But now the court has passed a verdict against Ansari without the original case diary.

Mukhtar Ansari is currently in custody in Banda Jail and Gajipur Jail in this case. The trial of the accused Kamlesh Singh and former MLA Abdul Kalam has been completed in the same murder case. Meanwhile, the fifth accused Rakesh had filed a separate case in the Prayagraj Sessions Court. It is to be noted that in the last nine months, Mukhtar Ansari has been sentenced in four other cases. However, in the case of the murder of BJP MLA Krishna Nand Rai, he has been acquitted, not in the murder case, but in the Gangster Act. In this murder case, Mukhtar 's goons had fired seven people on the road and then Mukhtar had said while talking to another pardon that (Krishna Nand Rai) has been cut off. Actually, according to Hindu culture, Krishna Nand Rai used to keep a moustache.

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