The iOS client for Twitter competitor Nostr is now available on the App Store
The iOS client for Twitter competitor Nostr is now available on the App Store

USA: Ever since Elon Musk took over the microblogging platform, there has been a rush to change it. The main competitors of Bird App have become decentralized social networks.

Nostra, a decentralized social networking protocol backed by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has been touted as a major Twitter competitor. Damas, its client, is now available on Apple's App Store.

Twitter and other social networking sites have been punished for policies or actions that appear to favor one side of the political spectrum over another. Due to the inherent nature of centralized platforms, such criticism is inevitable.

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Things will inevitably turn ugly at some point. Decentralized platforms could (in theory) make it a level playing field, with no advantage to either side.

The acronym Nostr stands for 'Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relay'. It is composed of two parts: the client and the relay. Relays are used to host and transmit data, while clients built on the protocol allow users to broadcast data.

Clients can publish data to any relay and retrieve data from other relays. Nostr has a set of fundamental and non-negotiable requirements.

Users can create accounts on Nostra by generating public and private keys. The public key serves as the user's ID, while the private key serves as a password.

These keys can be generated using Nostra clients such as Damas (iOS) and Amethyst (Android). If necessary, users can generate multiple keys.

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Users can send messages by connecting to a relay and signing with their private keys. Nostra also supports private messaging. People can do this by encrypting their messages with the public key of the destination user. This ensures that only the private key associated with that public key can decrypt the message.

Dorsey brought Noster to the public's attention. He also gave 14 bitcoins to its creator. Nostr's popular clients Damus and Amethyst attracted people to it.

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Both quickly reached their beta testing cap, prompting the developers to apply for formal listing on Google Play and the App Store. Amethyst went live three days ago, and Damus just went live today.

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