The parents ran away as soon as the child was born

Ranchi: Parents abandoned him and fled after having a child suffering from two head-like diseases in RIMS. The only mistake of the child is that he was not born like ordinary children. Parents who gave birth and turned away may have already anticipated the problem, so they did not even give their home address correctly. They had already decided to leave and run away only after giving birth. And as soon as the child was born, the parents left him and fled. The family left quietly after admitting the child to the neonatal ICU. But here the doctors took the responsibility of saving the child.

Rims management informed the CWC that the child was alone. After Information from the CWC, the people of Karuna Sanstha stood with the child. The doctors made every effort on their part to save the life of the child, dr devesh, a doctor from the Karuna Sansthan and a doctor from the ministry of PSM, came forward and donated blood for the child. Senior neurosurgeon Dr CB Sahai successfully performed the three-hour operation of the child along with his team. Members of the institute said they are trying to find the child's parents but their whereabouts are yet to be ascertained. However, according to sources, the parents who gave birth are from Bokaro.

Brain failure causes discomfort: Dr. C.B. Sahai of RIMS' Department of Neuro Surgery has said that the child has congenital disease. In this disease, the back of the head (brain) and the CSF are protruding and formed like a pouch, which looks exactly like the head. In the language of medicine, it is also known as osipital meninzo encephalosil. Talking about this, he said that a team of doctors has conducted the operation for 2 hours. For the next 3 days, the newborn baby is going to be kept under the close supervision of the doctors.

The people of Karuna Sanstha had taken the child off with them: where it is learnt that the child was sent from Neonatal to the Department of Neuro Surgery. The doctors initially stayed for a few days and spoke about the surgery. Meanwhile, the child was discharged by the people of the institution and taken to Karuna NMO Ashram. When the child was fifteen days old, he brought rims' neurosurgery department for the operation. The child will be taken back to Karuna Ashram after being discharged from the hospital.

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