Many eyes donated from Sri Lanka, Pakistanis burned alive Sri Lankan citizen

Colombo: The burning alive of Sri Lankan national Priantha Kumara by a Muslim mob in Pakistan is still in the news. There is tension between the two countries over this. The wife of the Sri Lankan deceased has pleaded for justice, declaring him innocent. The manner in which Sri Lanka's Priantha Kumara was tortured and her bones broken by blasphemy has shocked everyone. Amidst all this, it is also worth knowing that Pakistan has been the biggest beneficiary of Sri Lanka's eye donation.

Since 1967, 35,000 corneas donated to Sri Lanka have been found by Pakistani nationals. Dr Niaz Barohi has explained this, which is one of Pakistan's largest ophthalmologists (Ophthalmology). He is also a member of the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society in Pakistan. But, dr. Barohi is very sad because the mob lynching incident in Sialkot has had a profound impact on his mind. This act of Islamic fundamentalists is being opposed all over the world.

He says that many people in the country like him are sad because their head is bowed in shame. Dr Barohi, head of Karachi's famous Spanish Eye Hospital, has so far managed to perform several cornea transplants. He has said that Sri Lanka has so far donated 83,200 corneas to the world. Pakistan has benefited the most as Pakistan has received 40 per cent of Sri Lanka's total donates. Talking to 'Sama Digital', he has given this information.

He recounted the statistics and said that since 1967, the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society has donated 35,000 corneas to Pakistan. It is also worth noting that the country's worn cornea transplant was performed at Spencer Eye Hospital in Pakistan, which was performed by Dr M.H. Rizvi. This cornea was also donated by Sri Lanka. Condemning the Sialkot incident, he said that even though Sri Lanka has given us thousands of eyes in charity, we have lost sight.

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