Thief gets job where he went for robbery

Jan 13 2021 03:09 PM
Thief gets job where he went for robbery

Have you ever seen that a thief stole the goods and later returned it with an apology? A similar case has come up in Modipuram in Meerut. Thousands of items had been stolen from the farmhouse of Ralod District head Rahul. Now the offender who performed the incident has also demanded a job with an apology by returning the stolen goods. Rahul also put him on his farmhouse in view of the criminal's repentance.

Rahul Dev has a Narayan farmhouse on NH-58, Pallulapuram police station. Thousands of rupees of goods were stolen from here a few days ago. The police got the CCTV footage in which the thief was doing the robbery. Based on the footage, the police was looking for a thief. On Tuesday, the accused himself took the stolen goods and reached the District head of the Ralod. He wept while apologizing and said he regretted his act.

Ralod District President Rahul Dev asked for the reason for stealing and returning the goods, the accused was crying. The Ghaziabad-dwelling accused said that the economic situation is very bad due to unemployment. There was no ration money for the family, so he thought of stealing. The accused said that he later realised his mistake, so he is returning the stolen goods. The accused also sought a job for himself with an apology from Ralod District President Rahul Dev. Rahul also put him on his farmhouse in view of the accused's repentance.

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