'Pushpa' whose ticket has been cancelled by BJP, now become 'fire' from BSP

Lucknow: 'Pushpa' whose ticket has been cancelled by the Bharatiya Janata Party by considering it to be a flower, has now become the "fire" and jumped into the fray from the Bahujan Samaj Party. We are talking about Pushpa Shahi, a BJP rebel and BSP candidate from the Rampur Karkhana assembly seat in the Deoria district. When she reached Barhara crossroads of her Rampur factory with a ticket, she was given a rousing welcome by the BSP.

Speaking on the occasion, Pushpa Shahi said that sister Mayawati understood the pain of a woman and gave her a ticket. Crying, Pushpa Shahi accused the BJP of doing justice by not giving tickets and said that this time she will work to win and reach the assembly. It is worth mentioning that Pushpa Shahi's husband Girjesh alias Guddu Shahi was second in the Rampur factory since the time the Rampur factory was formed (the assembly was formed in 2012) i.e. in 2012, she contested as an independent and got 44 thousand 687 votes.

In 2017, she contested as an independent and finished third with 41 thousand 814 votes. When the time came in 2019, Girjesh Shahi joined the BJP thinking that in 2022, the BJP would make him its candidate from the Rampur factory. Girjesh had demanded a ticket for his wife Pushpa, but when the list came out, it was not Surendra chaurasia's name, after which Girjesh Shahi gathered his sons in his village Nautan. Here Pushpa had cried bitterly among the people. Due to this, their proposers advised contesting the election as independents. He got ready and started demanding a ticket from the BSP, but the BSP gave the ticket to Sandesh alias Mr Yadav from here. But Pushpa did not give up and kept on trying for a ticket from Mayawati. Finally, the Bahujan Samaj Party has cut off the ticket of Sandesh and made Pushpa its candidate.

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