The woman was screaming to save her life. Such an accident happened due to coercion
The woman was screaming to save her life. Such an accident happened due to coercion

Agra:  An incident of gang rape of a female employee has also been heard in Home Stay Hotel in Agra, UP. The video of the gangrape victim is also going viral on social media, in which she is pleading and pleading with people to save her. Due to coercion of people, the victim woman went to toilet in her pants. Five youths also committed the crime in the home stay with the victim woman. When she protested, the woman was dragged and even beaten. 

Hearing the screams of the woman, nearby people gathered and immediately informed the police. The victim told the police that she was forcibly held in the room and she was also brutally beaten. Reports say that 5 youths forcibly made the girl drink alcohol at Hotel Home Stay and then raped her. The age of the victim is about 25 years. He has said that earlier an objectionable video of him was made and he was blackmailed regarding it. The accused had also broken a glass bottle on his head. Hotel Home Stay is in Tajnagari Phase 2 of Tajganj police station area.

The victim girl was working in a home stay for the last one and a half years. The victim's friend Jitendra reached the hotel with his four friends and tried to force her to drink alcohol. Videos related to the incident have also started going viral on social media. The woman kept pleading but no one listened: In a video, the victim is seen lying on the ground outside the room in a delirious state, with a young man standing near her, she is telling him that she has small daughters. The victim is alleging torture and kept shouting repeatedly, save me, save me.

Some youth even tried to catch him and take him outside. In the second video, a young man is forcibly holding the victim woman. The victim is seen continuously begging to save her life with folded hands but the young man is dragging the victim on the ground and taking her to the other side. All accused arrested: Regarding the incident, ACP Sadar Archana Singh has said that Tajganj Police had received information that an incident of rape and assault had taken place in the home stay of Basai Chowki area. Taking cognizance of the incident, based on the complaint of the victim, a case has been registered under rape, assault and other relevant sections. Five accused involved in the incident, four men and one woman, have all been taken into custody. Medical examination of the victim is being conducted after which further legal action is going to be taken.

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