OMG! Bodies of 100 corona patients recovered from Ganga

About 100 bodies found in river Ganga at Buxar in Bihar and Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh are seen opening a poll of insensitive administration amid the havoc of covid infection. According to media reports, at least 96 badly swollen bodies have been recovered from the Ganga in the recent past. The bodies of most of the people are believed to be of corona infected people. While 73 bodies have been recovered in Buxar district of Bihar, at least 25 bodies have been found in Ghazipur district of neighbouring UP. It is another matter that the Nitish government in Bihar is describing the bodies as coming from UP, so yogis have not been able to react strongly to it from the government.

73 bodies recovered from Buxar so far: Janha It is learnt that bihar government on Tuesday said that a total of 73 bodies have been recovered from Ganga in Buxar district so far fearing that the bodies of suspected kovid patients may not be cremated and flowing them into the River Ganga. In a tweet on Tuesday, Water Resources Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha said that the bodies were found in the River Ganga near Chisa village in Buxar district and said that the 4-5 day old mutilated bodies have flown from neighbouring UP to Bihar. Meanwhile, Buxar Divisional Officer K K Upadhyay said that two other bodies have been flowing into the river from UP near the border trap on Tuesday whose last rites are being arranged on the border.

Where the bodies came from is a matter of investigation: According to the information received, Buxar SP Neeraj Kumar said, "We have recovered 71 bodies from ganga so far. We have conducted postmortem of all DNA also taken corona samples. He said the bodies were cremated as per the government's Covid protocol. He said, "Police are investigating the area to find out if the body belongs to local residents. Some bodies may also come from UP. It is a matter of investigation for bihar UP police. '

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