There is a ruckus in Bigg Boss, Rashmi slaps Devoleena strongly
There is a ruckus in Bigg Boss, Rashmi slaps Devoleena strongly

Many seasons of the country's famous reality show Bigg Boss are known for their entertaining factors and friendships. But Bigg Boss 15 will be remembered only for fights, fights, aggression and pushing. The season is about to end, but the hatred among the contestants is growing for each other. While many enemies are seen making friends on the Bigg Boss show, this season two old best friends Rashmi Desai and Devoleena are seen making a fire for each other. But now the fight between Rashmi Desai and Devoleena has crossed all limits.

Rashmi and Devoleena have forgotten their years of friendship to win the same ticket-to-finale task. You can clearly see a glimpse of it in the promo of the show. Rashmi and Devoleena have once again clashed with each other in a spirit of winning the ticket-to-finale task, and this time it came to a scuffle.


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The contestants will now get the last opportunity to make it to the VIP zone. Both Rashmi and Devoleena do not want to miss this opportunity. Rashmi and Devoleena speak to Rakhi to take a decision in their possession. But Rakhi acts as a spark between Rashmi and Devoleena. In this case, rashmi and devoleena have a dangerous quarrel. Rashmi shouts to Rakhi, "You are going to listen to it, nor is there any greater liar." Rashmi speaks furiously at Devoleena: You use people and then Rashmi slaps Devoleena hard in anger.

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