These 15 English words are derived from Hindi

Hindi is a vast and rich language, it got global recognition as India's National Language. There are some words in the English language which are derived from Hindi language words. Let's know about some such words.

Bungalow = Bangla

The English language Bungalow is derived from the Bengali word Bangla. It means a luxurious house.

Chit = Chitthi

The word Chit in the English language is born from a letter in Hindi.

Bangle = Bangali

The English language word Bangle is derived from the Bangali word in Hindi. Bangali means bangles.

Chintz = Chhint

The Hindi word Chintz is derived from the English word Chintz.

Thug = 'Thug'

The English language word Thug was born from the word 'Thug' in Hindi.

Blighty = Vilayati

The English-language word Blighty is born from the Hindi language Vilayati. It was practised more during World War I and World War II. It was used for Britain and England.

Mahout = Mahavat

The word Mahout in the English language is derived from the word Mahavat in the Hindi language. The Mahavat is the person who sits on the elephant.

Krait = Karet

The English language word Krait is born from a Hindi language word called Karet. It is a venomous snake of the cobra family.

Cowrie = Kaudi

The English language word Cowrie is born from the word Kaudi in Hindi.

Shawl = Shal

The English word shawl is derived from shal in Hindi. The shawl is used in the winter season, it is a type of cloth.

Cheetah = Sita

The English word Cheetah is derived from Sita in Hindi.

Kedgeree = Khichdi

The English word kedgeree is born from the Hindi word khichdi. Kedgeree is a European dish which is prepared with the help of fish, rice and boiled eggs.

Shampoo = Champu

When you know this, you will be surprised that the word Shampoo in the English language is derived from the Hindi Champu.

Chutney = Chutney

The English language word chutney is derived from the Hindi word chutney.

Dungaree = Dungri

The English language word Dungaree is born from Hindi language Dungri. Dungri is a district in Maharashtra where dungari fabric is made.

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