These 5 tricks will always keep your Facebook account safe

Mar 13 2018 12:34 PM
These 5 tricks will always keep your Facebook account safe

We all remain active on Facebook, but have you ever thought that your Facebook account can be hacked. There is no need to worry about this, let's tell you some tips from which you can fully secure the Facebook profile. 

1. Use Login Alert: Anyone with your Facebook login ID and password will still be able to log in to your profile even if you use a login alert. After entering the correct user id and password, the login code will appear on your mobile and your profile will not open without this login code 

2. Request Login Application: When you were online on Facebook, he keeps an eye on it. You can monitor yourself if you wish. By the way, you get a code under the request login request. By this code, you will be able to use an ID from an unknowing brochure, otherwise not.   

3. Generate Extra Code and Keep Safe: Facebook gives 10 Random Code to its users. For this, you have to go to the security settings of your Facebook account, get codes to use when you do not have your phone. You have to click on the option. These codes will work when your phone is not near you and your account of the password sent on the phone is not open. At such times, these secret codes will work for you. 

4. Track your login record: Many times our acquaintances, with whom we share the password, they log in from different places. In this way, you go to your Facebook Security settings, and "Where you're logged in. Click on From here, you can get all the information about your login now and the previous information. 

5. Add friends as trusted contacts: If for some reason you do not have your phone, you do not even have access to the e-mail id, then these trusted friends come in handy. To run it, knowing the security settings, click Trusted Contact. More information related to the security of your account can also be obtained from Facebook

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