This day will take the last solar eclipse of the year, know when and where the impact will take place?

After the last lunar eclipse of 2021, the last solar eclipse is now going to take place. The eclipse will take place on Saturday, December 4. Although any eclipse is considered to be an astronomical event, the eclipse is not religiously auspicious because the sun or moon is afflicted by Rahu. Because of this, no auspicious work is done due to the eclipse. Normally, about 12 hours before the solar eclipse, there are sutras and all the activities are stopped. But this time the solar eclipse will not cause suktas because it will not be a complete but a partial solar eclipse. Because of this, the rules of the yarn will also not be valid.

Find out at what time the solar eclipse will take:-
On the day of solar eclipse, there will also be amavasya date of margasirsha month. The solar eclipse will begin at 10.59 am on December 4 and end at 03.07 pm. This eclipse will not be seen in India. It can only be seen in Antarctica, South Africa, Australia and South America.

How does the solar eclipse feel:-
When the moon comes between the sun and the earth, the image of the sun behind the moon is covered for some time. Due to this, the sunlight does not come properly to the earth for some time and becomes dark. This event is called solar eclipse.

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